25 February 2009

Damn, bugger, and blast

Also: arse, and poo, and shagging wanksticks! It would seem that I can't have my shiny new Blogger blog (http://ping.fm/j9d0y) on my own personal web site unless I purchase a whole domain for it, or unless I use their screamingly boring bog-standard "classic" template, wherein I would be able to use the ftp thingummy option. Damn it Marjorie!!!!

24 February 2009

Ooooh, pretty Blogger!

I've prettied up my Blogger and found it far more easily customizable than the Movable Type I'm using currently on my web site. If I work out how to import the feed onto my web site's journal page, I think I might like it better. I do know there's a way to publish it under your own domain name, but that involves changing dns records and such if I'm reading the info correctly, and I just want it to occupy one page - not take up the entire domain. I'll keep reading and pester some of my friends who use blogger to see if I can make it work somehow.

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