12 November 2014

Back From The Realm

So very much missing my tribe today. What a lovely time was had at FaerieCon‬ 2014. It very much rejuvenates my spirit and renews my faith in humanity. The community there is filled with people who radiate kindness and acceptance (with the rare exception, of course - whoever stole those Amy Brown Fantasy Art Inc. wing sets intended to d├ębut there deserves to be excommunicated from the realm).

It was such a joy to reconnect with friends (hugs to Lithia Knopp, Jenny Davies-Reazor, Michelle Heffner, Simone Tomodachi, Suzanne Dobbs Mayer, Jane Starr Weils, Ash Evans, Kimberley Coffman, Meredith Dillman, Shane and Leah Odom, Chrissy and Marc Hudgins, Joanne Schempp, Ken Crampton...), meet long-time internet/facebook friends in person (high-fives Kayti Welsh, James Browne, Nicole Pisaniello...) and make some new ones (waves at Mindy Safire Morea, Ezia Leach, Rebbeca Wertz, Candalynne, Viviene...), say hello to inspiring people I've admired for years (Amy Brown, Stephanie Law, Bruce Coville...)

A few high points to mention: So much fun texting taunts to friend Brigid with Jenny. There's nothing quite like having men sprouting leaves and branches tossing acorns into your cleavage for luck and prosperity as they march by singing and drumming and jangling jangly things. Lithia and Suzanne are the best show neighbours a person could wish for, and I love them both dearly. Ken kept the beat, and gives marvellous hugs. I loved spending some relaxing time before opening everyday getting drawn and painted on by the lovely ladies in Michelle Heffner - Maryland Body Painter's booth. Likewise getting my hair tinseled in Dancing Hands' booth. The Mythical Designs by Miscellaneous Oddiments LLC booth is a portal to all sorts of faery magic. I passed by on my way to line up for Bruce Coville's signing on Sunday to find the man himself holding court there. I got to not only get my book signed without having to queue up (a blessing when you've got a table to get back to), but also got to hear some neat anecdotes about the series the book I wanted signed was part of (Philip Jose Farmer's "The Dungeon"). And, of course, meeting everyone who stopped by my table and said lovely things about (and/or purchased) my art.

Special thanks to my husband for watching my table so I could take a break now and then, and for helping with setting up, breaking down, and getting me there and home again safely.

I am already looking forward to next year!

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