27 February 2012

StellarCon this weekend!

Honestly, I am totally writing the FaerieCon post - it's in my drafts, just waiting for me to finish.  I've just been busy is all.  I'm getting ready for StellarCon this weekend (2-4 March), and although I won't be at a table, I will be hanging around during the weekend, in and out of the Art Show, so do pop in if you're in the area!  I'll be debuting some new art - a fan-art piece inspired by Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of The Wind, and another piece (check my twitter, facebook, and/or Google+ feeds for a teaser).

Oh - and the buy one get one free print sale ends on Wednesday - I'll be shipping on Thursday, any orders placed after that will ship starting Monday, after the convention!

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