30 November 2011

Magick 4 Terri

Hellay, hellay!  I'll have a FaerieCon report up when I get a bit of time, but I wanted to post about this as it's an important thing, and something worthy of our attention:

Most fans of fantasy and mythic tales and art will have heard of Terri Windling.  A writer, artist, and editor, she has been an inspiration to a generation of mythic artists and writers, and many of us are coming together to try to help her in a time of need.  I have donated my Rackham-inspired watercolour "The Apple Faery" (pictured below), and artists and writers like Charles Vess, Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, Ellen Kushner, and George RR Martin (to name but a handful) are donating original works, limited editions, and signed items for an auction at Magick 4 Terri on LiveJournal.  In addition, fans are offering their own works, crafts, services, and treasured collectibles.  Please stop by and check it out.  Many items have low starting bids, and there is also a 'donate' button  for whatever your budget might allow.  Help us make some Magick 4 Terri!

03 November 2011

New Art and FaerieCon!

I have some new art to share - both of these beauties are available on the web site.  

"Companions" is an homage to pet lovers everywhere, and features representations of 3 pets I have known and loved - my childhood companion "Kitty", my recently deceased (well, 2006) cockatiel 'Mo', and "Bronte" a gorgeous Chocolate Lab who was part of the family of my in-laws in Yarm, UK.

"The Witching Hour" is a Samhain-themed painting in the Art Nouveau style with a bit of a Steampunk flavour.

In other news, I'm going to FaerieCon this weekend!!  I'm very excited, packed and ready to go (although I can't stop double-checking to make sure I haven't missed anything).  I am not exhibiting or vending, I'm only going for the fun of it and to meet up with friends who are vending.  I'm looking forward to meeting the Frouds, Charles Vess, and Amy Brown as I'm just a big ol' fangrrl!

My friend Brigid Ashwood, who is a featured artist at FaerieCon, has written a post about the event- if you need some encouragement to come on out ;) GeekMom: FaerieCon - The Sparkly Side of GeekCons

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