06 April 2012

Journals on sale 50% off!

I am going to be stocking new journals soon, but I need to make some room for them, first!  Therefore, this week, I have posted what remains of my current journal styles to my Etsy shop - on offer at 50% off the retail price!  These are really lovely journals: they are hand crafted in the US using imported petal and hand made papers and each features a print of one of my artworks with coordinating yarn and silk flower or acrylic gem embellishments.  The large and small journals, and pocket journals come with 'branch' pencils, and the memo pad box comes with a small standard pencil.  I've even listed the last available photo album, which comes in it's own matching box!  I'd put a notice announcing I was doing this on my journals page of the website the day I started listing them at Etsy, and before I even finished the draft listings, I sold out of the "Nouveau Bellydancer" pocket journals and sold a few of the others, so I'm down to about two each of everything else!  So some of the draft listings never even got published to Etsy!  Not that I'm complaining - the more of these journals I sell, the more of the new styles I can stock (I've only got a wee studio room in the house, after all)! :)  Below are some photos.  If you're interested in any of these, pop on over to the Etsy shop - and if you enter the code SPRINGFEVER2012 when you check out, I'll even 'spring' for posting them to you!

Close-up of the hand made paper

"Nouveau Bellydancer" Large Journal

"The Diminishing" Boxed Memo Pad

"Night Blooming Jasmine" Boxed Photo Album

"The Diminishing" Pocket Journal    

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