21 March 2012

New Art! New Give-away!


Just a fairly quick fly-by sort of post for now.  I've done a new arty thing!  This is called "Post Industrial #1" (as I'm planning to do more than one), and it's done in ink:

Prints are already available on the web site (HERE) or, you could win a print on Facebook (HERE) - there are two opportunities to win: if you've liked my page and entered the give-away there's a chance your name will be drawn, and if you share the link to the give-away on your own page/profile and someone clicks on it and enters and THEY win - you get a print, too!

As for how many drawings will be in the series - I don't know yet.  At least 3, as I've already got a couple more ideas percolating amongst the grey matter.

So, how's the weather where you are?  It's absolutely gorgeous here, although it's a bit early for it to be so gorgeous.  It's only just turned Spring here, but feels like it's been Spring since mid-February!

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