28 April 2009

Working for the weekend

I've got a new work in progress. I had such fun with the Amanda Palmer portrait, working in graphite, that I'm doing another pencil piece. Here is the current work in progress:

No title yet. I'll have to think of one. Maybe I'll do a contest or something. I've got another sketch started, but it's not far enough along to be of interest yet.

6 more sleeps until my UK holiday! This weekend, we're going over to Yorkshire to visit with family. I'll be taking the sketchbook, but will be without computer for 2 weeks. Well, technically I'll have access to a computer, but I'm going to try to stay away from it!

I've been playing around with shoe designs in the Zazzle shop:

Friend Selina is having a buy one get one free sale because she's moving house and wants to find happy homes for stock instead of packing it and moving it - she ships worldwide and is known to throw in neat freebies with orders:

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