22 June 2009

I haz a tattoo

Yesterday was the Solstice and since my friend Wendy was appearing at the Greensboro Solstice Celebration I toddled along and got myself a tattoo. A henna one, that is. Wendy made me a lovely fae creature to wear for a couple of weeks and glittered it up for me:

When I scraped the paste off, it was a very light pumpkin orange, almost too light to make out, but henna darkens over time. Here is how it looked this morning:

I have been working on the Mistress of the Key some more - how about another progress shot? The blobs at the top are my palette for her hair colour:

I have since begun working on the flowers in her hair, so will hopefully finish her this week. Yes, I know a web site update is due - I'm on it! :P

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