19 January 2010

Second Life

I thought I'd post a quick Second Life update.  I've been only on sporadically over the last several months, but will be back to hanging out and building more now that the holiday rush is over!

Currently, I'm working on building a new shop in a new location, as the landlady of my current shop has announced that the area will be closing soon.  I've enjoyed my stay there, and the area was beautifully developed and a nice fit for my art and builds, but I am also excited to be moving now to a Caledon sim - Cape Wrath, specifically.  I've managed to snag a parcel on the water, and it will become the main location for my Second Life presence "Blue Moon Grove".  Here is a progress shot of the shop I am building:

That little blip inside is my SL alter ego. ;)  The textures are a combination of SL-provided basic textures, textures I've created, and textures I've purchased from other in-world builders.  Specifically, the brass-framed windows across the front are favourites of mine - they were created by a skilled builder, and great real-life artist, my friend Brigid Ashwood, who is known as Brigid Yoshikawa in-world and who collaborates with another skilled builder, Dagny Mannonen (who prefers to remain anonymous in real-life).

I have some new ideas for additions to our Second Life jewellery line (Ashbourne & Co. Ltd), and am getting together with my design partner, Gryffyn Ashbourne, this week to plan.

Don't worry - I'm still working on some real life art!

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