15 February 2014

Latest Artwork, "Justice", and a Tutorial of One Artist's Process

"Justice" by Mary Layton.
"Justice" by Mary Layton

Here is the final version of my latest finished artwork, "Justice", for the 78 Tarot Project, as it will appear in finalized-card form.

When I started, I kept iterative scans of my progress, since the artists organizing the project had asked that we do so as it was thought people might like to view our progress.  I'd thought maybe I'd do a tutorial blog about it when I finished, in case anyone was interested in how I work.  After posting one of my progress scans on my Facebook Page, one of the admins asked if I would be interested in doing a guest-blog on the 78 Tarot site about my process.  So, I said 'sure'!  The post went live last night, so if you are interested in how "Justice" came to be, clicky the linky, below, to have a look!  I show and describe the progression from the initial scribble-y thumbnail sketch, through digital colour tests, to the finished work.

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